A love for all things geek

Stargate!As a perfectly-matched pair of geeks, it’s fitting that we met online. Yes, online dating is a minefield of cliches, innuendo and trying too hard. But we both steered clear of the “loves red wine, long walks on the beach and someone with a sense of humour” parade by using up every one of the 2000 available characters for our profiles. I love a man who’s good with words and can actually use the Queen’s English! Michael clicked on my photo, wrote to me and asked if my profile name – SGC – meant what he thought it did; and when I replied “It’s not Stargate Command, unfortunately”, well, it was a sign to both of us.

We started emailing each other immediately and, when the emails took an hour to read and much longer to write, decided it was time to meet in person. Over sushi, Michael serenaded me with the rap of “Insane in the Brain”, while I fielded calls from friends who wanted to know if I needed rescuing – this was my first date in years, after all! Two nights later, he regaled me with the story of how he accidentally shot himself with his air rifle, while I laid my head on the table and cried with laughter. When I invited him back to my place to continue the conversation, as the restaurant was closing, he was concerned that I was inviting a stranger home. As I pointed out – I was the one with the sword collection. The rest, as they say, is history.

Michael knows me well enough to understand that the romantic, bended-knee proposal, while it’s wonderful for those who enjoy it, would never work for me. So, instead of worrying about rings and such, we simply decided that it’s obvious we’re meant to be together and started planning accordingly. Of course, should he ever give me an M41-A pulse rifle, I’d consider that a fitting engagement gift!