SPACE IS BIG. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, incredibly big it is. So imagine the stunning feat of probability involved when one person, traveling the chaos of life, manages to find another like-minded individual in this planet’s teeming masses. Imagine if, despite all the forces arrayed against them, they somehow manage to fall in ever-increasing love. And imagine if, united in a common purpose, they decide that the trajectory of their lives would be better if they traveled it together. That would be pretty epic. Don’t you think?

Then enter the probability of them sharing common values, interests and fandoms. Imagine that they are both so excited about space and science fiction that they believe spaceships are a physical embodiment of what it is like to create one’s own family.

To them, the Stargate is about travelling to new worlds; Robotech is a shared love from their childhoods; Star Trek is about new experiences and exploration; Aliens is about doing what you must even when you’re scared out of your mind.

Space and science fiction play a daily role in their lives and it’s what brought them together. Perhaps you don’t know this, but Suki and Michael met online when Michael referenced Suki’s screen-name – her initials – to which she replied with a Stargate reference. It doesn’t get much better than that for these two.

To them, science fiction and fantasy is all about bringing together disparate characters to form a unit – a unit that will stand together, back to back, defending each other against all the terrors that the world has to offer. And now we will witness the formalisation of that unity. Let us make it so.


Two adventurers separated by and locked behind their gates of blue and silver, looking for ways to defeat the villainous indifference, solitude and loneliness.
Seeking another to join the resistance.
Communication was deployed into the ether, hopeful, but with no expectation.
Many passed, all unsuitable.
Until one.
With giant robots and star conquest did the conversation begin
Leading to messages which nearly killed the delivery owls
So heavy were the musings

In an attempt to save the owls our adventurers declared
a meeting would take place!
By his mighty steed, Enya,
covered by Glom of nit
did Michael make his way to meet Sue-Ann

In verse form did his wooing take place
A red-eyed Terminator did he appear
But Sue-Ann saw past the mask
And vowed that, like Max and Miriya Sterling,
They would join forces against the night

And thus the epic journey began
Spanning time and space
Through dungeons filled with xenomorphs
Doing battle as good Space Marines
A unit as tightly-knit as Elvish Mithral
Shining in the dark
Like the star Eta Carinae


And now, we will perform the Unbreakable Vow, which can only be ended when one of the casters exits this mortal realm. This Unbreakable Vow will be carried out without the benefit of a wand, but with the use of a light-saber, to be witnessed by all here present as a seal and sign of its durability.

Do you, Michael, promise that you will stay with Sue-Ann long enough to see what her tattoos will look like as she ages?

I do!

Do you, Sue-Ann, promise that you will encourage Michael in his plans of world domination, and remain at his side even when the Evil Overlord business becomes too overwhelming?

I do!

Do you, Michael, swear that your heart beats only for this woman?

I do!

And do you swear to stand with her and join with her against all who would oppose you?

I swear.

Do you, Sue-Ann, swear that your heart beats only for this man?

I do!

And do you swear to stand with him and join with him against all who would oppose you?

I swear.

Will you, Michael, follow Sue-Ann into fire and darkness? Will you be her light?

I will.

Will you, Sue-Ann, follow Michael into fire and darkness? Will you be his light?

I will.

Do you, Michael and Sue-Ann, promise to always be friends and love each other, until the heat death of the universe?

We do!

Do you promise to help each other not to take yourselves too seriously, and try to laugh every day?

We do!

Do you promise to share the good times and support each other in the bad, caring for and comforting one another, always being patient and understanding?

We do!

Do you promise to recognise your strengths and accept your weaknesses, encouraging and inspiring each other to do, and to be, better?

We do!

Do you promise to always greet each other with a hug and a kiss?

We do!

Do you promise that, if the chance comes to travel to another planet, you will not do so without the other at your side?

We do!

Do you promise that, in the event of an apocalypse – zombie, alien, human or otherwise – you will fight at each other’s sides until you go out in a blaze of glory?

We do!

Unity ceremony:

And now I ask that you join me at this table, to provide a visual representation of your joining.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you no doubt know, love is fluid and ever-changing, but yet constant. These two fluids represent Sue-Ann and Michael, each so very different. Together they will show us the truth of the joining of their hearts.

As these two liquids, poured together, have provided a completely new colour, let it be a reminder to all of us that surprises often occur in our lives, and that we should be open to exploring the new – as our couple is open to exploring new worlds and new experiences together.

Ring ceremony:

Let us now move to the exchanging of rings.
Michael, take Sue-Ann’s left hand and repeat after me:
With this ring, which symbolises the Stargates that brought us together, I declare my undying love for you, and my vow that we will live lifetimes together on many planes of existence.

Sue-Ann, take Michael’s left hand and repeat after me:
With this ring, which symbolises the Robotech vision of overcoming adversity, I declare my undying love for you, and my vow that we will live lifetimes together on many planes of existence.

Parting words:

What love has joined together, no power in the ‘verse can stop them. You may now fist-bump.

Ladies and gentlemen, please gather your ribbon wands and wave them in joy, celebrating the marriage union of Sue-Ann Cooper and Michael Booth!