Meet the lovely people who’ll be standing up for us. Well, by now you should know them already! But it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of background info. FYI, we’re not bothering with the his/her attendant story. No, all three of these folks are standing up for both of us. So yes, we have two groomschicks and a bridesdude, or a best man and two bridesmaids, or just three wonderful friends who are there to be our back-up. The end.

Nicola Knight Read
Nicky has been an important part of Sue-Ann’s life since way back in 1995. They met at Ballard & King PR company and bonded over spilled yoghurt, Cypress Hill and The Doors (way back when it was in Marshall Street), and they haven’t looked back. Okay, that’s not quite accurate –  they’re often reminiscing about the party days, when they were young and irresponsible (and drinking lots of Butterscotch Schnapps, watching bad movies and cackling in corners). When Sue-Ann met Michael, his sense of humour tickled Nicky’s so much, she became his honorary sister-in-mischief. They can still be found snickering at each other’s bad jokes on the odd occasion. With almost 20 years under their combined belts, it’s no wonder Nicky plays a vital role in The Wedding Henchparty.

Crazy LesLeslie Clarke
Les (otherwise known as Bionic Deafboy) has been around for a while. He’s known for his excellent lamb stews, always being late, being a total nerd and being an animal magnet. Married to Suki yonks ago, when that ended they remained firm friends and he sidled his way into Michael’s life with their shared love of (SUPREMELY) lame jokes. No, really, Les and Michael (and Lauren) send lame joke emails and SMSes and insist on including poor, put-upon Suki in these missives. It’s a real trial.
So yes, what Les really brings to the table is his good sense of fun and terrible sense of humour. The mind boggles.



Lauren Clarke
Many moons ago, Les met Lauren. First he kept her all to himself, then one day he shared her company with his friends. And that’s how she came to be an integral part of the circle. We like to refer to Lauren as the baby of the group, which irks her no end (hi, L!). She’s been teaching Michael how to dive and using Suki as a guinea pig for her wheat-free baking experiments. She’s also super-competitive when it comes to board games, which causes some conflict when Suki whips her ass. Or, okay, when Suki is beaten, that’s also a difficult time. But the fiery light of battle will never be extinguished!
Also, poor Lauren has to put up with phone calls from Suki when the latter’s driving home. So basically she is the weekly in-drive entertainment. It’s a thrill a minute!