We’ve hired an awesome duo of professional photographers, and we request that you not take photos or videos during the ceremony. We’d rather you be fully engaged and concentrate on the ceremony than fiddle with your phone, camera or tablet – and that photos of the ceremony feature us and not you staring at your device. It’s because of pics like this … we really don’t want these to be what our photographers capture:

Not a pretty picture
A row of cameras and phones? We’d rather you focused your attention on us and our ceremony, not your devices, please.
Not cool. Focus on the wedding, not the device.
Again – everyone’s looking at their viewfinders instead of
the couple. That’s a bit rude.
We want photos of us, not your back view
In the way? We’d rather our photographers caught us their viewfinders, rather than a view of your back.
So uncool
Now this is just plain disappointing. A lovely pic of the couple kissing – with a big old arm in the way. Don’t be That Guest.
Your flash can also ruin a photo
You might not think so, but your flash can completely wipe out all the details of what could have been a beautiful pic.
Please don’t do this. And please don’t be the guy holding
the phone and not looking at the couple.

After the ceremony, we will take a group photo of us and all our guests. Please listen for instructions after the ceremony!

During the reception, you’re free to take pictures, but please don’t use any professional equipment (such as tripods or cameras with full flash – these wash out the professional pics and it’s hard to rescue them digitally afterward). You’re welcome to use your own camera to take as many silly candids as you like, provided that you don’t get in our photographers’ way. And then, upload them to our Picasa album after the wedding!

We’d really appreciate it if you’d limit sharing photos of our big day to Instagram and the Picasa album, instead of on Facebook and Twitter – we couldn’t invite everyone and so we’d like to keep the ceremony and reception to just this group for now and share the official pics at a later stage. Of course you’re welcome to view and choose your favourites from the photos that show up on this page – email them to us and we’ll add them! And don’t worry – we’ll make sure pics of the ceremony are available as soon as we receive our pictures back from our photographers. You’ll be able to download them, print them, share them with your friends, use them to taunt the people who didn’t come with the amazing stuff they missed out on – whatever you would have done with your own photos.